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Tatted By Itty Bits Designs

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Swiftie Vibes 5x7 Sheets - MOQ 10

Swiftie Vibes 5x7 Sheets - MOQ 10


This listing is for wholesale purchases with a minimum of 10 sheets. If needing more than 20 sheets, please add additional sheets to the cart as needed, meaning if you need 40 sheets, add 2 sets of 20 sheets to your cart.
These are sheets only and do not come packaged.

Unleash your inner Swiftie with our exclusive 5x7 Temporary Tattoo Sheet, celebrating the iconic T Swift and her timeless music. Each sheet is a tribute to Swift's legacy, featuring a collection of symbols, lyrics, and imagery that will resonate with fans worldwide.

Key Features:

1. **Swiftie Inspired Designs**: Immerse yourself in the world of T Swift with a stunning array of temporary tattoos inspired by her music, lyrics, and iconic imagery. From song titles to album artwork, each design captures the essence of Swift's artistry and fandom.

2. **Generous Size**: Each sheet measures 5x7 inches, providing ample space to showcase multiple Swift-inspired designs or create a personalized tribute to your favorite songs and albums.

3. **Easy Application and Removal**: Our temporary tattoos are designed for effortless application and removal. Simply place the tattoo on clean, dry skin, press down firmly, and gently peel off the backing to reveal the enchanting design. Removal is equally hassle-free with a bit of baby oil or adhesive tape.

4. **Skin-Safe and Non-Toxic**: Crafted from high-quality, skin-safe materials, our temporary tattoos are free from harmful chemicals and allergens, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience for fans of all ages.

5. **Long-Lasting**: Enjoy vibrant and fade-resistant designs that last for days, allowing you to showcase your love for Taylor Swift and her music with confidence and style.

Whether you're attending a concert, hosting a Swift-themed party, or simply want to express your fandom in a unique way, our Swiftie 5x7 Temporary Tattoo Sheet is the perfect accessory. Let the magic of T Swift inspire you and celebrate your love for her music with these enchanting temporary tattoos.


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